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Dan Perry Earns Correspondence Chess SIM Title Print E-mail
By Joan DuBois   
August 26, 2009
Contact: Robert Rizzo
ICCF-US Titles Officer
Phone 516 984 7438
[email protected]
Official Press Release

Dan Perry, ICCF-US Webmaster and NAPZ Deputy Director, has earned the title of Correspondence Senior International Master, as confirmed yesterday in an email from ICCF Titles Commissioner, Ron Langeveld.  Dan’s Medal and Title Certificate will be awarded at the ICCF Congress to be held next month in Leeds, England.

The two Norms needed for this title were earned in WS/MN/001 and in WCCC32SF02.   The Master Norm tournament was a category IV event.  Dan scored 9 points equaling the SIM standard for that 13-player group.  In the category VIII World Championship Semi-Final tournament he has earned 7.5 points equaling the SIM Norm despite still having one game remaining to complete.  The crosstables can be located at the following sites:

and www.iccf-webchess.com/EventCrossTable.aspx?id=15271

Here is the game which clinched the SIM Title for Dan.  Dan demonstrates that not all Rook endings are draws!  It is a masterful display as he first gambits a pawn to create a lead in development.  Dan then employs his spacial superiority to take advantage of the uncoordinated opponent’s army to win the pawn back.  In doing so he creates a queenside majority with two advanced passers both of which cannot be stopped.

ECOCode: A00
White: Stefanov, Plamen (BUL)
WhiteElo: 2429
Black: IM Perry, Dan (USA)
BlackElo: 2456
Event: WCCC32SF02
Date: 2008
Result: 0-1
1.b4 e5 2.Bb2 Bxb4 3.Bxe5 Nf6 4.c3 Ba5 5.e3 O-O 6.Qf3 Ne8 7.Bd3 d5 8.Ne2 c5 9.O-O Nc6 10.Bf4 Nf6 11.h3 Be6 12.Bc2 Qd7 13.Rc1 Rac8 14.Na3 a6 15.Ng3 b5 16.Bg5 Ne5 17.Qe2 Ne4 18.Nxe4 dxe4 19.Bxe4 f5 20.Bb1 Ng6 21.Nc2 Bc4 22.d3 Bf7 23.Ne1 Qd6 24.g3 h6 25.Bf4 Nxf4 26.exf4 Rfe8 27.Qb2 Qf6 28.Ng2 b4 29.Ne3 bxc3 30.Qe2 Bb6 31.Bc2 c4 32.dxc4 Bxc4 33.Bb3 Bxb3 34.axb3 Rc6 35.Rc2 Bxe3 36.fxe3 Rb8 37.Rb1 Qe7 38.Qf3 Rc5 39.e4 Qxe4 40.Qxe4 fxe4 41.Kf2 a5 42.Ke3 a4 43.b4 Rc4 44.b5 Kf7 45.f5 Ke7 46.g4 Kd6 47.b6 Kc5 48.b7 Kc6 49.Rbc1 Rxb7 50.Rxc3 Rxc3+ 51.Rxc3+ Kd5 52.Kd2 Rb2+ 53.Kc1 Rb3 54.Rc7 a3 55.Rd7+ Kc4 56.Rc7+ Kd3 57.Rd7+ Ke2 58.Kc2 a2 59.Ra7 Rd3 60.Kb2 Rd2+ 61.Ka1 e3 62.Rxg7 Kf1 0-1

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