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22nd Annual Arnold Denker Tournament of High School Chess Champions - Aug. 6-11 - Oak Brook, IL Print E-mail
By Joan DuBois   
August 3, 2006
August 3, 2006(931) 787-1234 #128
Press Release #44 of 2006[email protected]

(Crossville, TN)  The Arnold Denker Tournament of High School Championship was named after the late grandmaster Arnold Denker who supported this tournament through many years. This years championship will be held at the Double Tree Oak Brook located in Oak Brook, IL.  His son Mitchell Denker has vowed to continue the dream in the name of his father. High school players, representing their state will be competing for not only the prestigious title but also for a four-year college scholarship from the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), valued at $40,000.

Besides being an outstanding college, UTD has also been known to be highly competitive as far as chess is concerned. For information about the college, please contact The University of Texas at Dallas, http://chessweb.utdallas.edu/chessclub.htm.

In addition to the college scholarship, through the generosity of GM Denker’s son, Mitchell and the U.S. Chess Trust, scholarships totaling $2,200 will be awarded between the top ten finishers.  Additional details can be found at: http://www.uschess.org/scholastic/denker.html.

On Sunday, August 6 at 9 am a reception will be held to welcome those below who have  accepted the challenge:

Alabama:  Nathan H. Saint

Alaska:  Matthew Parshall

Arizona:  Vaishnav Aradhyula

Arkansas:  Christopher A. Adkins

Northern California:  Daniel W. Schwarz

Southern California:  Francis Chen

Colorado:  Tyler Hughes

Connecticut:  Christian Antonio

District of Columbia: David Lesser

Florida:  Brian Goldstein

Georgia:  Javid M. Aceil

Hawaii:  Robert M. Lau

Idaho:  Jesse B. Brent

Illinois:  Kayin Barclay

Indiana:  Matthew A. Fouts

Iowa:  Ian S. Beachler

Kansas:  Maxx W. Coleman

Kentucky:  Erik Patchell

Louisiana:  R. J. Tagorda

Maryland:  Jared E. Defibaugh

Massachusetts:  Joshua Bakker

Michigan: Timothy M. Moroney

Minnesota: Matthew Carlson

Missouri:  Kevin Guo

Nebraska:  John Rolf

Nevada:  Matthew Pedraza

New Hampshire:  Steven Abrahams

New Jersey:  Evan D. Ju

New Mexico:  Frank Chen

New York:  Gregory J. Kimmel

North Carolina:  Nelson M. Lopez II

North Dakota:  Luke Diekman

Ohio:  Jonathan L. Hilton

Oklahoma:  John Cope

Oregon:  Corbin Yu

Pennsylvania:  Daniel A. Yeager

South Carolina: Rade Robert Musulin

South Dakota:  Nicholas J. Truelson

Tennessee:  Philip B. Hinchman

Utah: Tony Chen

Vermont:  Oliver Chase

Virginia:  Edward J. Lu

Washington:  Ricky T. Selzler

West Virginia:  Jason Young

Wisconsin:  Jesse Blashe


Please contact Alan Kantor at (931) 787-1234 ext. 128 or e-mail [email protected]

for this event.  Once we have received confirmations from the following states, all 50 states will be represented: Delaware, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, Texas, Wyoming.




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