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By Joan DuBois   
July 2, 2008
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July 2, 2008                                                                 [email protected]

(Crossville, TN) The recently held 2008 US time-controlled G/60 (60 minutes per game) and G/30 (30 minutes per game) National Championships yielded mixed results, and boasted record attendance.  The Holiday Inn North Shore Hotel and Convention Center in Skokie, IL was the venue for the June 28 – 29 weekend event.

The facility has previously hosted chess events, such as the 2008 IL State All Girls Championship, IL Denker Qualifier, IL Polgar Qualifier, and the match between IM Irina Krush (USA) and IM Lilit Mkrtchian (ARM).

140 competitors descended on the venue to test their chess abilities in the G/60 tournament, making it the largest attended G/60 national championship to date. The Master/Expert section was the strongest in known history, also with 4 strong International Masters (Tate, Van de Mortel, Amanov, and Kuderinov), IM-elect Mehmed Pasalic, and FM’s Albert Chow and Aleksander Stamnov. When the dust settled IM Emory Tate emerged the sole victor in the M/X section with a score of 3.5 in the four round event.

The G/30, a time-control more favored by the scholastic crowd, was attended by 105 chess players. Approximately 50% of the G/60 players stayed over and played the G/30. The M/X section was comprised of the same players as the G/60 but IM Emory Tate was denied sole championship and instead the co-champions were IM Emory Tate, IM Kirill Kuderinov, and FM Albert Chow, all with a score of 4.0 in the five round event.

For some chess players this was the culmination of 9 days of straight chess. FM Albert Chow, FM Aleksander Stamnov, IM Emory Tate, and IM Kirill Kuderinov were all part of the 12th NA FIDE Invitational IM norm tournament on the 7-days prior to the US G/60 and G/30 championships. That’s what you call Iron Men of Chess!

The U.S. Chess Federation thanks Tournament Organizer Sevan Muradian of Illinois who  managed these USCF National Titled events.

Both tournaments were rated the morning of Monday June 30, 2008: Final crosstables can be found at:

G/60 - http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?200806283751.0

G/30 - http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?200806293761.0


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