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By Joan DuBois   
June 13, 2006
May 31, 2006
Press Release #28 of 2006

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(CROSSVILLE, TN)The 2006 Amateur East, 2006 Amateur West and 2006 Amateur South Chess Championships concluded this past weekend. The Amateur Championships date back to 1942 and are usually held in four locations across the United States, (East, West, South and Mid-west).

2006 Amateur West

149 chess enthusiasts converged on the Holiday Inn in Palo Verde in Tucson, Arizona under the direction of Chief Tournament Director (TD) Enrique Huerta and Assistant TD Jonathan Shacter of the Southern Arizona Chess Association. Championship section winners were: 1st: Vaishnav Aradhyula (age 15) with 5.5 of 6 points; 2nd: Christopher De Sa finished with 5 points and Benjamin Marmont took third with 4.5. In the Reserve section: Dylan Leischow, Keith Motschman, Douglas Smith and Steven Pennock all tied for first with 5.0 scores. Complete crosstable showing all results is located at: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?200605293161.

2006 Amateur East

125 chess competitors gathered at the Parsippany Hilton in Parsippany, New Jersey to compete in this event which took place under the direction of Chief TDs Roger Inglis and Mike R. Somers, Jr. First place in the Championship section was tied between Mark A. Heimann of PA and Alec Getz of NY with scores of 5.0. Heimann won the title on tiebreak. 3rd place was a tie between Vinko Rutar of NJ and Alisa Melekhina of PA with final scores of 4.5. Other winners were: Under 2000: Shaun M. Smith (NY) 4.0; Under 1900: Max Yelsky (NJ) 3.5; Under 1800: Alexander R. Katz (NJ) 3.5; Under 1700: Jennie S. Liu (NJ) 3.0; Under 1600: Daniel E. Huang (NJ) 2.5. The 55/over was won by Harry S. Cohen (MD) with 3.0; Under age 16: Andrew Shvartsman (NJ) with 3.5; Under age 13: Daniel E. Huang (NJ) with 2.5 and Active Military: Richard Skinnell of VA with 2.0. Complete crosstable can be found at: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?200605293341.

2006 Amateur South

At Holiday Inn in Charleston, West Virginia, under the direction of Chief TD Charles Waugh and Assistant TD Gary D. Cummings, 33 chess enthusiasts made up the 2006 Amateur South Championship. In the Championship section, Erik Patchell rated 1922 and Chris Que rated 1899 tied for first place with final scores of 4.0 from this 5 round event. Que won the title on tiebreak. John Rouse rated 2006 took 3rd with 3.5. In the Reserve section Dillon McNamara rated 1561 won with his 4.5. Vinay Raj rated 1509 and Adam Chrisney rated 1513 took second and third with tied scores of 4.0 – Raj placed second on tiebreak. Class winners were: Class A: Jeff Hohn; Class B: Keith Melbourne; Class D: Victor Nguyen and Thomas Altmuth tied and Class E: Emily Collin; Brian Adams and Steven Aguilar all tied. The completed crosstable should be available soon on the uschess.org website within the Member Services Area (MSA).

The 2006 Amateur Mid-west was cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. We expect to see all four Amateur Chess Championships in 2007!


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