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1500+ Young Chess Competitors Battled for National Titles in Florida! Print E-mail
By Joan DuBois   
December 12, 2006
December 12, 2006(931) 787-1234 #145
Press Release #56 of 2006[email protected]

(Crossville, TN) The U.S. Chess Federation held its’ 2006 K-12/Collegiate Chess Championship at the Disney’s Coronado Spring Resort located at 1000 W. Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, Florida between December 8-10. 1540 young chess, representing 40 states, participated in this national championship!

First place individual and team winners are:
(Note: With tied scores the first player listed won on the tiebreak.)

Individual:  Raymond Sun of Texas (rated 1460) 7.0 points; 
Team: Oak Hall of Gainesville,Florida won with 11.5 points.
1st Grade:
Individual:  Jonathan Chiang of Texas (1564) 6.5 points;
Team: The Village School, Houston,Texas  14.5 pts.
2nd Grade:
Ind.  Tom Polgar-Shutzman of New York (1499) 6.5 points;
Team: Hunter College Campus School from New York 15.0 pts.
3rd Grade:
Ind. Benjamin B. Moon of Georgia (1653) 7.0 pts.;
Team: Co-champs were Dalton of New York and Hunter College Campus School with 16.0.
4th Grade:
Ind. Kevin Y. Cao of Missouri (1700) and Jarod M. Pamatmat of Texas (1728) tied with  6.5 pts.;
Team: Dalton of New York with 15.0 pts.
5th Grade:
Ind.  Sylvia Yang (1819) of Texas and Alec S. Ho (1733) of Washington tied with 6.5 scores;
Team: PS 124 of New York finished with 15.5 pts.
6th Grade:
Ind. Christopher Heung of Florida (1853) won with 6.5 pts.;
TEAM: Liberty Middle School, Tampa,Florida with 14.5 pts.
7th Grade:
Ind.  Tied with 6.0 were: Andrew Ng (1948) of New Jersey; Alec Getz (2135) of New York; Zachary A. Young of New York (1973) and Michael Yang of Minnesota (2103). 
TEAM: Hunter College Campus School, New York with 16.0 pts.
8th Grade:
Ind. Tied Mark A. Heimann of Pennsylvania (2246) and Victor C. Shen of New Jersey (2209) 6.5 pts.
TEAM: T.H. Rogers of Houston,Texas with 15.0 pts.
9th Grade:
Ind.  Tied Shinsaku Uesugi of Maryland (2175) and Thomas Henry Riccardi of New York (2148) 6.0 scores.
TEAM: Suncoast High School, Riviera B from Florida had 12.5 pts.
10th Grade:
Ind.  Matt J. Parry of New York (2135) finished with 6.5 pts.;
TEAM:  Columbus Alt HS from Columbus, Ohio 11.5 pts.
11th Grade:
Ind.  Daniel J. Ludwig of Florida (2388) had perfect score with 7.0;
TEAM:  Catalina Foothills HS, Tucson, Arizona 14.5 pts.
12th Grade:
Ind. Eric Rodriguez from Florida (2209) 6.5 pts.;
TEAM: Catalina Foothills HS, Tucson, Arizona 15.5 pts.
Ind.  Daniel Fernandez of Texas (2463) 6.0 pts.;
TEAM: The University Of Texas At Dallas 15.5 pts.

Bughouse: Team of Naor Brown and Eric Rodriguez with 8.5 pts.
Blitz K-6:  Tied were Lucas Van Beuzekom of Florida and Kevin Y. Cao of Missouri with 10.0.
Blitz K-12:  Corey B. Acor of Florida 10.5 pts.
Parents & Friends – Rated: Matthew Okunevich of Arizona with 4 pts.
Parents & Friends – Non-rated: Ignacio Barrera of Florida with 3.5 pts.
Parents & Friends – Combined: Matthew Okunevich & Randel Jen Fong Eng with 6.5 pts.

Winner of the MyChessPhotos.com $250 scholarship to the player with the greatest upset was Nikolas Baeza of Florida rated 576 beat her opponent rated 1742!

Trophies Plus, proud sponsor of the 2007 Trophies Plus All America Team introduced the team members for 2007…many were onsite to receive their “historical” All America Team jacket along with an engraved plaque!

Our "Meet A College" which offers a chess scholarship was well attended with eight colleges represented. This new service to parents and players was under the direction of USCF College Committee Chairman James Stallings.

For additional winners see http://www.uschess.org/tournaments/2006/k12/ and click on “Results”.  Final crosstable of all results are located at: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?200612109451 Pre press release for this event is located at: http://beta.uschess.org/frontend/press_33_51.php


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