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107th Annual U.S. Open Chess Championship - Oak Brook, IL - Aug. 8-13, 2006 Print E-mail
By Joan DuBois   
August 2, 2006
August 2, 2006(931) 787-1234 #128
Press Release #44 of 2006[email protected]

(Crossville, TN) The U.S. Chess Federation’s (USCF) 107th Annual U.S. Open Championship will be held at the Double Tree Hotel in Chicago-Oak Brook, Illinois August 8 – 13, 2006. Over 500 players are expected to compete for this prestigious title and join the rankings of previous U.S. Open Champions.  

The guaranteed prize fund is $40,000. There are three playing schedules offered in an effort to accommodate players: Traditional (9-Day), 6-Day, 5-Day. All players will be merged after having played five games.

The U.S. Blitz (quick chess) Championship will be held on August 12 with a guaranteed prize fund of $2000. The competition consists of 14 games, five minutes per player per game!

As is traditional, daily side events will also take place, each with their own prize fund.

The Arnold Denker Tournament of High School Championships will begin Sunday, August 6 at 11 am and conclude Friday, August 11. This event was started by Grandmaster Arnold Denker in 1985. The Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls, a new event which was created in 2004 by GM Susan Polgar, will also begin Sunday, August 6 and conclude August 11. The Top age 13 winner from each event will receive the annual Ursula Foster Scholarship Award which involves each winner getting $500.00 to spend on chess related books and equipment.

Over and above these events, the U.S. Open also serves as our annual Delegate Meeting venue. Committee members meet at their respective workshops Wednesday, August 9 until Friday, August 11. The Delegates then meet Saturday, August 12 and Sunday, August 13.

On Saturday, August 12 between noon-2pm the annual Awards Luncheon will be held. At the luncheon the recipients of the special awards chosen by the USCF Executive Board will be recognized. The recipients are:

“Chess City of the Year” – Crossville, TN and Palm Beach Gardens, FL; “Chess Club of the Year” – St. George CC from St. George, UT; “Chess College of the Year” – University of Connecticut School of Engineering (Storrs, CT) and Texas Tech (Lubbock, TX); “Committee of the Year” – International Affairs Committee, Michael Khodarkovsky – Chairperson; “Distinguished Service” – Mike Nolan; “Honorary Chess Mates” – Jim Warren, Dolores Wagner, Elizabeth Tanner; “Gold Koltanowski Medal” – America’s Foundation for Chess; “Meritorious Service” – Jim Brotsos, Jon Haskel, Wilder Wadford, Jon & Barbara Fortune; “Organizer of the Year” – Cris Collinsworth ProScan Foundation; “Outstanding Career Achievement” – Gus Gosselin, Fred Goldhirsch, Doug Bellizzi, David MacEnulty, Jerry Weikel; “Scholastic Service” – Tim Redman; “Special Services” – Kim Cramer, John Donaldson, Mikhail Korenman, Greg Shahade; “Tournament Director of the Year” – Walter Brown; “Special Friend of the USCF” – Phil Haley; “GM (Grandmaster) of the Year” – GM Ildar Ibragimov and WGM Anna Zatonskih; “Frank J. Marshall” – Shaun Alexander Foundation. . 

Also our 10th Annual golf tournament will be held at the US Open

Chess Tournament. You have to play in the chess tournament to play in the golf tournament. Please email Mike Wojcio if interested: [email protected]. There will be a Chess in Education Workshop - August 7-8, 2006 and the American Chess University Hosts FIDE Trainers Seminars August 11-12, 2006.  Additional details can be found at: http://www.uschess.org/tournaments/2006/usopen/





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