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10 Tie At U.S. Chess National 2010 High School Championship! Print E-mail
By Joan DuBois   
April 29, 2010
Official Press Release
April 23, 2010
Contact: Joan DuBois
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10 Tie At U.S. Chess National 2010 High School Championship!

(Crossville,TN) Over 1300 young chess enthusiasts gathered at the Columbus Hyatt Regency in Ohio, April 16-18, 2010. In the K-12 Championship section the following 10 tied for first: Kristopher C. Meekins (OH), Eigen Wang (NY), Christian Tanaka (CA), Shinsaku Uesugi (MD), Scott T. Low (MD), Michael Bor Vilenchuk (OH), William C. Ong (TX), Prashanth Amarasinghe (MN), Alec Getz (NY), Kevin Mo (PA). Meekins took the first place trophy after winning the tiebreaks!

Other section winners are:
  • K-12 Under 1600: Jonathan Pagan (NY), 7.0 score
  • K-12 Under 1200: Samuel Stephens (MD), 7.0
  • K-12 Under 800: Sheldon Trotman, (MD), 6.5
  • K-12 Unrated: Siddesh Kudtarkar, (PA), 6.5

Out of the over 1300 chess players there were 392 teams which were also competing for section titles:
  • K-12 Championship: Hunter College High School (NY), 21 points
  • K-12 Under 1600: Frederick Douglass Academy (NY), 20 points
  • K-12 Under 1200: Marion High School (WI), 20 points
  • K-12 Under 800: Northwest High School (MD), 23 points
  • K-12 Unrated: Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (MD), 22.5 points

The final crosstable can be viewed at: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201004181551. The official webpage is located at: http://www.uschess.org/tournaments/2010/hs/. Some of the highlights and games can be viewed from our CL Online at: http://main.uschess.org/content/view/10321/585/.

Congratulations to all players!

The United States Chess Federation (USCF), founded in 1939, serves as the governing body for chess in the United States and is now headquartered in Crossville, Tennessee. USCF is devoted to extending the role of chess in American society. It promotes the study and knowledge of the game of chess, for its own sake as an art and enjoyment, and as a means for the improvement of society. The USCF is a not-for-profit membership organization with over 80,000 members. For additional information on the USCF see: http://www.uschess.org.