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B0056EU-2.jpgCROSSVILLE, October 18, 2011- The Executive Board of the United States Chess Federation (USCF) designated Chess Camp the official beginner's puzzle book series of the USCF at its 2011 annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.

"Kids, parents and coaches complain to us that most chess books for beginners get too complex too quickly," said Bill Hall, who sponsored the Executive Board resolution. "What we like most about the Chess Camp series is that it starts out with very easy, one-move problems, and then methodically builds up the difficulty level."

Published by Mongoose Press and written by acclaimed chess instructor Igor Sukhin, Chess Camp (978-1-936277, hardcover, 6 x 9) introduces a novel training system for children and adults starting out in chess.

Each title in the seven-volume series includes more than six hundred exercises structured to build basic chess skills such as visualizing the chessboard, anticipating the opponent's move, and checkmating patterns.

The problems may look easy to experienced players, but the purpose is to establish a solid skill set that enables the student to move on to the next level, integrating new information with previous knowledge while building effective thinking habits at the board. Sukhin's methods for chess instruction are recommended by the Russian Department of Education.

Boston-based Mongoose Press publishes books for chess players of all ages and levels. Committed to making the game of chess accessible to the public, the company offers free sets of the Chess Camp series to chess teachers.


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