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By Joan DuBois   
July 15, 2009
Official Press Release
July 15, 2009
Contact: Alan Kantor, Chief TD
[email protected]
(931) 200-9038

(Crossville, TN)
The 2009 U.S. Cadet Championship concluded on July 10, 2009 with Andrew Ng claiming the title of U.S. Chess Federation's (USCF) 2009 U.S. Cadet Champion! This event is one of USCF's national invitational championships. The field consisted of the top eight players in the United States under age 16.

The opening ceremony and dinner was held on July 6, 2009.  Welcome speeches by many notables like Mayor Brock Hill of Cumberland County, Bill Startup of Cumberland County Bank, Cosby Stone of TAP Publishing, Janice Hamby of the Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce, Bill Hall, Executive Director of the U.S. Chess Federation, and Jerry Nash, Scholastic Director of the U.S. Chess Federation gave the players a hometown feeling of camaraderie among the city of Crossville. This national championship is a joint effort of sponsorship between The Cumberland County Bank, Cumberland County Chess Club and the U.S. Chess Federation. Other contributors include TAP Publishing, House of Staunton, Crossville Trophy & Gifts.

The event was held at the new Cumberland County Bank, West Street, Crossville, Tennessee. Rounds were daily between July 7 through July 10. (July 7-9  9am & 4pm, July 10 9am).

The final standings (in tiebreak order):

1. Andrew Ng, 5.5
2. Victor C. Shen, 5.0
3. Rohan Agarwal, 4.5
4. Michael Yang, 3.0
5. Jarod Pamatmat, 3.0
6. Deepak Aaron, 3.0
7. Christian Tanaka, 2.5
8. Matthew D. Dahl 1.5.

Along with winning, Ng received $500 plus a four year, fixed-dollar incoming tuition scholarship to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) with a current value approximately $69,760 out-of-state, $34,832 in-state.

Second place winner Shen earned $300 plus a four year University Academic Service Scholarship to Tennessee Tech University (current value $20,000).

Rohan Agarwal pocketed $200 for his third place finish and all players received plaques.

Andrew's last game of the tournament......

The Clinching Attack
Andrew Ng - Deepak Aaron
Giuoco Piano (C54)
2009 U.S. Cadet Championship, 07.10.2009
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.c3 Nf6 5.d3 d6 6.Nbd2 a6 7.Bb3 Ba7 8.h3 0–0 9.Nf1 Be6 10.Ng3 h6 11.0–0 Re8 12.Qe2 Nd7 13.Be3 Qf6 14.Rfd1 Bxb3 15.axb3 Ne7 16.d4 exd4 17.cxd4 Ng6 18.Rac1 c6 19.Re1 Nh4 20.Nxh4 Qxh4 21.Nf5 Qf6 22.Qg4 Kh7 23.Nxg7 Qxg7 24.Qxd7 Rg8 25.g3 Raf8 26.Rcd1 f5 27.Qxg7+ Rxg7 28.Bf4 fxe4 29.Bxd6 Rd8 30.Be5 Rf7 31.Rxe4 Rd5 32.Rde1 Rfd7 33.Kg2 Rb5 34.R1e3 Rb4 35.Rg4 h5 36.Rg5 Bxd4 37.Bxd4 Rbxd4 38.Rxh5+ Kg6 39.Rhe5 Rd2 40.Re6+ Kf7 41.R6e4 R2d4 42.Rf3+ Kg7 43.Rxd4 Rxd4 44.Re3 Kf7 45.g4 Rd2 46.h4 Rxb2 47.h5 b5 48.g5 Rd2 49.g6+ Kf6 50.Rf3+ Kg7 51.Rf7+ Kg8 52.h6 Rd8 53.Rc7 a5 54.Ra7 a4 55.bxa4 bxa4 56.Rxa4 c5 57.f4 Rc8 58.f5 c4 59.f6 c3 60.f7+ Kf8 61.Ra7 1–0

The organizer of this years U.S. Cadet was Harry Sabine and it was directed by chief tournament director Alan Kantor. Back room assistance was supplied by Cary Carter and Anil Agarwal. 


The United States Chess Federation (USCF),
founded in 1939, serves as the governing body for chess in the United States and is now headquartered in Crossville, Tennessee. USCF is devoted to extending the role of chess in American society. It promotes the study and knowledge of the game of chess, for its own sake as an art and enjoyment, and as a means for the improvement of society. The USCF is a not-for-profit membership organization with over 80,000 members. For additional information on the USCF see: http://www.uschess.org.