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Topalov-Kramnik to play?! Print E-mail
By Jennifer Shahade   
October 1, 2006
Let the games begin (again!)

It appears as though the Topalov-Kramnik stalemate has ended! FIDE.com announced that Game 6 will be played tomorrow, October 2 at 7 AM EST at the score 3:2 in favor of Kramnik.

Assuming that the match will take place, how was this result achieved? Offers to create Topalov and Kramnik statues in Chess City, a nice round of kumbaya and Smores or Garry Kasparov's inclusion in the chessninja petition? Whatever kind of magic it took, let's hope the promise is fulfilled tomorrow.

Many find resuming the match at 3:2 very odd. It is ethically questionable for Topalov to take a point on forfeit (unless of course, he really believes Kramnik cheated), and it's hard to see what could have convinced Kramnik to agree to those terms. FIDE.com did change the appeals committee as per Kramnik's contention that Zurab Azmaiparashivili and Georgios Makropolus were biased toward Topalov.

Keep checking Chess Life Online for details on Topalov-Kramnik, where we hope to see the rest of the drama on the board.

Most recent news: Game 6 was played to a draw. Score is now 3.5-2.5.