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Daniel Lucas on Marathon: Ready & Grateful Print E-mail
October 29, 2014
Dlucaslead.jpgDaniel Lucas, USCF Director of Publications and Chess Life Editor, will run the New York City Marathon this coming weekend, on November 2. He is grateful for the support and publicity for his Scholastic chess fundraising drive at Crowdrise. His campaign was featured in Marathon Stories on the event website, "The hardest part of all will be not going to the Carnegie Deli until after the marathon—that’s usually my first stop after I check into my hotel!"

Lucas told CLO, "With only days to go until the New York Marathon, the hard prep work has been done. All I can do now is study the the course profile like a GM looking up his next opponent's openings on ChessBase. I'm gratified that this fundraiser has not only raised so much money for USCF scholastic chess programs, but has also raised the profile of the USCF outside of the chess world." 

The only thing left to do is pack his lucky marathon hat (pictured below). 

Look for updates on Lucas at twitter and facebook. You can support Daniel Lucas's Crowdrise campaign at https://www.crowdrise.com/uschessfederation