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Kamsky Wins but the Cat Makes News
By Jerry Hanken   

Jerry Hanken reports on the 2006 World Open, held in Philadelphia. Gata Kamsky won an exciting tiebreak against Vadim Milov, while "The Cat in the Hat" stole the show.

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World Open web exclusive!
By Jerry Hanken   

Philly's spectacular July 4 fireworks coincided with sparkling GM chess ; Photo JS

In an online exclusive, Jerry Hanken takes the focus off World Open champ Gata Kamsky to annotate games from the other Grandmasters at the top of the scoretable. Check out his notes to wins by Yudasin, Benjamin, Kachieshvili, Ibragimov, Ehlvest and Ivanov. Also see how Shogi legend Yoshiharu Habu scored his final IM norm.

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A Conversation with Mark Glickman
By Howard Goldowsky   

Josh Kuchinsky

Do you get elated or upset based on your current rating? Do you live or die based on whether you can inch your 1799 rating over 1800? If so, listen closely to what Mark Glickman has to say. by Howard Goldowsky

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Heated Play at Miami Open
By Elizabeth Vicary   

Alexander Shabalov by Elizabeth Vicary

GM Shabalov, pictured here, annotates some games from Miami,where FM Bruci Lopez tied for first with GM Vladimir Georgiev.

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Vukcevich, the Solver!
By David L. Brown   


The late Milan R.Vukcevich will probably be best known for his amazing originals as a composer. Certainly, most judges would place him in the top five of all time. But, he was also a lightning fast, brilliant solver.

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The Chess-Go Continuum
By J.C. Hallman   

Can a book on the game of Go interest chess players? The Chess Artist author J.C.Hallman makes a compelling case.

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The Paperboy and The Chess Master
By Alexey Root   
A paperboy with a little bit of chess experience discovers a chess master on his route. A correspondence game of sorts begins. Now, the apprentice is the master himself, teaching a new generation.

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