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By Phillip R Smith   
February 8, 2011

Basilius Zaricznyj (1924-2007)

Dr. Basilius Zaricznyj, a former USCF member from Springfield, Illinois, died August 28, 2007 in St. John's Hospital in Springfield - three days before his 83rd birthday.

He was born in 1924 in the Ukraine, the son of Oleksa Zaricznyj and Maria Kostiv. He graduated from the University of Bonn Medical School in Germany and came to the United States in 1951. Dr. Zaricznyj completed his residency at St. Luke's Hospital in Chicago, University Hospital in Oklahoma City, and Northwestern University in Chicago. He moved to Springfield in 1958 and practiced orthopedic medicine for 36 years before he retired. He was an avid chess player. Besides chess, he enjoyed golf and bridge.

Obituary submitted by
George Mirijanian, President, Massachusetts Chess Association

Basilius Zaricznyj may you rest in peace.