Magnus Carlsen Wins in Game Two Print E-mail
November 9, 2014
World #1 Magnus Carlsen took the lead in his World Championship rematch vs. Vishy Anand with an elegant victory in an anti-Berlin variation. 


After sustained pressure by Carlsen, the game ended with a blunder 34...h5. You can't win if your opponent doesn't make mistakes, Magnus said in the post-game press conference. Carlsen also talked about a capture that may seem counter-intuitive at first glance, 29. bxa4. "I have such a nice construction on the e-file. It felt more natural to me to take with the pawn." 

The fight continues on Tuesday at 7 AM EST. For all the best live and post-game viewing options, see GM Ian Rogers' Couch Potato's Guide and look for Spanish journalist Leonxto Garcia's first report from the scene on Monday.