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ImageGM Ray Robson is a teenaged chess sensation, known for his precocious chess accomplishments, confidence and his sportsmanlike conduct. Just a couple weeks before his fifteenth birthday in October 2009, GM Ray Robson became the youngest ever American GM to play for the United States, completing the qualifications at a younger age than Bobby Fischer and current US #1 Hikaru Nakamura. Ray has represented the US in numerous international competitions including the World Cup (he was the youngest American to play in this event) and the silver-medal 2010 World Team Championship squad. 

Born in Guam and raised in Florida, Ray learned chess at the age of three from his father Gary.   In 2010, Gary wrote Chess Child, which reveals many details about the development of a young champion.  You can pick up the book on nipahutpress.com and also find out more about Ray in an index of CLO articles, Spring 2010 US Chess Scoop videos (Part I and Part II) and a Fall 2009 CLO interview with him. 

In interviews at the 2010 US Junior Championship (where Ray tied for first, but lost on tiebreak), Robson explained that he prefers facing the toughest competition possible. At the 2010 Marx Gyorgy Memorial, where Ray was the lowest rated player, he won the following creative gem against legendary Dutch GM Jan Timman.



GM Ray Robson

Rating: 2613
Birthdate: 10-25-1994
Birthplace: Guam
Residence: Florida

Youngest GM to play for America-2009

2005 National K-6 Champion 2009
2009 US Junior Closed Champion
2009 Pan-American Junior Champion