US Amateur Team Playoffs Set Print E-mail
March 27, 2014
The US Amateur Team playoffs will be contested on the Internet Chess Club (ICC) on Saturday March 29th, at 1 EST between Princeton University, Russians Never Retreat, The Illini Samwich and NorCal House of Chess. The time control is G/90 +5 sec. increment. In case of a tied match a quick playoff will follow immediately at G/15+2. International Arbiter Carol Jarecki, the chief TD, has announced the round one pairings below.

Watch the action live on Saturday and look for a recap on CLO. Find previous CLO coverage on the US Amateur Team East, article by Al Lawrence and US Chess Scoop video, the West by Ted Castro and Luke Harmon-Vellotti , the South by Frank Johnson and the North by Betsy Dynako.

EAST        PRINCETON UNIVERSITY             2197.25
Bd. 1    White:    Michael Lee, Captain        Pton-MLee        2445
Bd. 2    Black:    Andrew Ng            Pton-ANg        2341
Bd. 3    White:    Jason Altschuler        Pton-Altschuler        2277
Bd. 4    Black:    Darek Johnson            Pton-DJohnson        1726    

TD:    Glenn Petersen

SOUTH        RUSSIANS NEVER RETREAT            2185.50

Bd. 1    Black:    Daniel Gurevich            Gurevich-ATL        2352
Bd. 2    White:    Richard Franscisco, Capt.    RFrancisco-ATL        2327
Bd. 3    Black:    Michael Corallo            BillMurray        2241
Bd. 4    White:    Elena Gratskaya            ElenaGrats        1822

TD:    Kevin Schmuggerow   

NORTH        THE ILLINI SAMWICH                2181
Bd. 1    White:    Sam Schmakel            SamSchmakel        2394
Bd. 2    Black:    FM Eric Rosen, Capt.        illini            2368
Bd. 3    White:    Michael Auger            MichaelAuger        2234
Bd. 4    Black:    Shreya Mangalam        confusedchicken    1728

TD:    Sevan Muradian    847-274-1352 (TD), 847-212-0876 (Rosen)

WEST        NORCAL HOUSE OF CHESS            2185

Bd. 1    Black:    GM Enrico Sevillano        ikong            2539
Bd. 2    White:    IM Ricardo de Guzman        kiriks            2502
Bd. 3    Black:    FM Rondal Cusi            ScionTC            2296
Bd. 4    White:    Shafieen Ibrahim        suitandtie        1403