Nakamura Hits 2710 on the Way to Spain Print E-mail
June 10, 2009
Our 2009 U.S. Champion, Hikaru Nakamura, is now at 2710  FIDE. Photo Betsy Dynako
Hikaru Nakamura broke 2710 FIDE in the French League, where in the final leg, he went 4/4. Check out his FIDE rating calculations for July 2009 here. Now our new U.S. Champion is preparing for the World Open (June 28-July 5) and just after, a super-tourney in San Sebastian, Spain (July 6-16).

Nakamura recounts his French League performance in his blog, writing that, "Looking back at the games themselves, I was quite proud of my play in three out of the four games, having played pretty close to perfectly." Also see Hikaru's celebratory photo with Svidler on chessninja. Here are his final four victories, which brought his overall performance in the league to 3000+: