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By Jennifer Shahade   
June 22, 2008
The Marshall Chess Club in Grenwich Village, New York

Over 40 players including eight GMs and 11 IMs are duking it out at the New York Marshall International (June 21-June 25.) After three rounds, GMs Alejandro Ramirez, Julio Becerra, Carlos Garcia Palermo, Mark Paragua and IM Ron Burnett lead with 2.5/3.

 Becerra proved he is ready for a summer of hot chess with a second round win over IM Alfonso Almeida. The downside of lines with g4 (in this case a Semi-Slav) are evident in this game, in which White's king was homeless throughout. Can you find Becerra's move in the following position?
Position after 23.Qd1

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White didn't have many options after 26...Qg6! threatening Qb1. The game finished rapidly after 27.Rc1 27...Qd3. 27.Qd1, even though it does not lose instantly is also bleak after Ng5.


Ron Burnett pulled off a nice win with Black against fellow IM Eli Vovsha. How did he force victory in a couple of moves in the following position?
Position after 49.Bf2

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FM Elliott Liu, fresh from the U.S. Open of golf (Correction, 6.22) had a promising start. He began with draw against Kudrin and then scored a win off of a IM Bonin. The game demonstrates the massive superiority of bishops over knights in endgames with passed pawns on opposite sides.


In round three, Elliott was stopped by four-time Marshall Chess Club champion GM Jaan Ehlvest, who now has 2/3.


You can follow the action throughout on the Marshall Chess Club homepage and you can also check monroi.com for live games.