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By Jennifer Shahade   
June 21, 2007
Clockwise from left: Warren Harper, Jeffrey Haskel, Thomas Riccardi, Ray Robson and Robert Lau. Photo Jon Haskel

by Jennifer Shahade

Mackenzie Molner and Mark Arnold lead the U.S. Junior Invitational (June 17-21, Tampa) with 5/7 and two rounds to go. Meanwhile, the concurrent Cadet is down to the wire with just one round left. Evan Ju dominated for most of the event but lost to Warren Harper in round seven- Harper and Ju are now tied for first with Robert Lau just half a point behind.


Mackenzie caught up to Marc with a seventh round win over Teddy Coleman.


was a big mistake, allowing a forced tactical variation for Mackenzie beginning with 15. fe6. Because of 21...Nf3+!, White's position still required some work to win. Instead of 14...Bb7?, Teddy could have tamed White's pieces (especially the bishop on d3!) with 14...Ne5.

Standings after 7 rounds in U.S. Junior Invitational

1-2- Mackenzie Molner and Marc Tyler Arnold- 5/7
3- Ray Robson- 4.5/7
4- Xiao Cheng- 4/7
5-6- Alexander Barnett and Corey Acor- 3.5/7
7-8- Elliott Liu and Ryan Milisits- 3/7
9- Eric Rodriguez- 2/7
10- Teddy Coleman- 1.5/7

Standings after 8 rounds in U.S. Cadet (U16)

1-2- Warren Harper and Evan Ju- 6/9
3- Robert Lau- 5.5/9
4- Alec Getz- 4/9
5-Thomas Riccardi- 3.5/9
6- Jeffrey Haskel- 2/9

U.S. Junior Closed Crosstable

U.S. Cadet(U16) Championship Crosstable

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