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Evan Ju 4-0 in Cadets; Juniors Wide Open Print E-mail
By Jennifer Shahade   
June 19, 2007
Marc Arnold and Mackenzie Molner lead the U.S. Junior Invitational with 3-1 each. Photos Betsy Dynako and Jennifer Shahade.

by Jennifer Shahade

In the Cadet Championships, Evan Ju is a clear point and a half ahead of the field with a perfect four out of four. The Junior Invitational has been a slugfest and it's anyone's tournament. Mackenzie Molner and Marc Arnold currently lead with 3/4. Both events are in Tampa, Florida from June 17-21.

In round three of the Cadets, Evan Ju set up a tempting trap against Thomas Riccardi:
Position after Rxa5!

Thomas played Rxc5? here, but after Ra7 Rc7 b6, he was forced to resign.

The U.S. Junior has been filled with exciting, fighting chess. Elliot Liu deflated Corey Acor (who started out 2-0) in round three with a nice attacking win. In the final position, Corey resigned because if Ke7, Bg5 or Rh1 are both crushing.


Marc Arnold won with a nice shot, 29...Nc4, against Teddy Coleman.


Mackenzie Molner played creatively against Alex Barnett, starting with the unusual 16.Rxd6. Barnett defended excellently, but after reaching an even ending, he fell apart and Mackenzie reeled in a full point.


U.S. Junior Standings after 4 rounds

1-2- Mackenzie Molner and Marc Arnold- 3/4
3- Ryan Misilits- 2.5/4
4-7-Xiao Cheng, Ray Robson, Elliott Liu and Corey Acor- 2/4
8-Alexander Barnett- 1.5/4
9-10- Teddy Coleman and Eric Rodriguez- 1/4

Cadet Standings after 4 rounds

1- Evan Ju- 4/4

2-3- Robert Lau and Alec Getz- 2.5/4
4- Warren Harper- 1.5/4
5- Thomas Riccardi- 1/4
6- Jeffrey Haskel- .5/4