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By Jennifer Shahade   
June 3, 2009
Updated with answers and winners on 6/10/09: Thanks to so many CLO readers for entering this contest. There were so many correct entries, that we decided to randomly select two winners instead of one. Due to the large interest, we will also run future quizzes like this so don't despair if yours was not one of the randomly selected winning entries!

Here are the correct answers: 

1. Zatonskih vs. Akobian, 1....Bg3
2. Shulman vs. Sevillano, 1. Nd2
3. Becerra vs. Robson, 1. Qxc7 (Due to the incorrect diagram, no score was altered due to getting this wrong- Full credit for Nb5.)
4. Robson vs. Gulko, 1. Rfh4
5. Hess vs. Becerra, 1. Kg4
6. Khachiyan vs. Benjamin, 1....Nf3
7. Akobian vs. Benjamin, 1....Bc5
8. Nakamura vs. Friedel, 1. Bc1

And the two winners, selected randomly are... Tim Corkum who chose Great Attackers by Colin Crouch and Doug Pecota, who chose Starting Out: D-Pawn Attacks by Richard Palliser. Congratulations!

Finally, note that in problem three from Becerra-Robson, there is an error in the diagram. The king should be on b7 not c8. Full credit for Nb5 or Qxc7.

In the 2009 U.S. Chess Championship quiz, identify who the players were in each of the positions below and the best move. Email your answers to [email protected] by Friday, 6/5/09, 5 PM EST. There will be a drawing between correct answers for one of the following book prizes: Play the Queen's Indian by Andrew Greet, Great Attackers by Colin Crouch, Chess Explained: The Main-Line Slav by David Vigorito, Starting Out: D-Pawn Attacks by Richard Palliser, Fighting the Anti-King's Indians by Yelena Dembo or Play the Sicilian Kan by Johan Hellsten.

Include your choice of book in your entry. If there are no 100% correct entries, the entry with the most correct answers will win. Have fun remembering and/or solving! 


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Black to Move

White to Move
White to Move

White to Move

White to Move

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Black to Move

Black to Move

White to Move