Senior Open Underway in Houston Print E-mail
By Franc Guadalupe   
July 20, 2011
The 2011 U.S. Senior Open started on Monday with 51 players on the 6-Day Schedule.  GM Sergey Kudrin is the top seed while IM Joseph Bradford, from Texas is ranked second.  IM Walter Shipman from California also joined the action.  The 3-Day Schedule which starts tomorrow has 21 players so far, led by Yefim Treger from New York.  The 71 players, so far, easily surpassed last year’s attendance of 49.  

Here is the group of players tied for the lead so far, all with perfect 2-0 scores. 

GM Sergey Kudrin, 2614, IM Joseph Bradford, 2418, IM Walter Shipman, 2222, Henry Terrie, 2209, Thomas Braunlich, 2160, Joe Jones, Jr, 2094, Arthur Mitchell, 2088, Jeffrey Gelb, 2001, Lorenzo Gaskill, 2000, Robert Nobblitt, 1501 .

The results of the first two rounds were pretty much as expected.  One of the few exceptions, however, has been the play of Robert Nobblit, rated 1501.  In the first round, he defeated Mr. Dan Mayers, 1912, and then came back in the second to win against Alan Laverty, 2072!

Sergey Kudrin, who at age 51 is one of the youngsters in the event, showed his second round opponent, expert Barry Endsley, the technique that made him a Grandmaster.      


Joe Bradford, now 60, remains on target to become the U.S. representative at the World Senior Championship, but there are still several games left.


The games of the top few boards are being transmitted on, but many of these seasoned participants have resisted in using the electronic device! So be sure to stay tuned to CLO for the full scoop as the event progresses.