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July 26, 2009
Seven Americans, GM Josh Friedel, Vinay Bhat, Alexander Shabalov, Jaan Ehlvest, Sergei Kudrin, Alexander Ivanov and FM Gregory Markzon have arrived safely for the Continental Championships in Sao Paulo Brazil (July 25-August 2), aiming to lay claim to one of six qualifying spots into the 2009 World Cup (with the exception of GM Jaan Ehvlest, who has already qualified.) The tournament blog with links to live games and standings is in Portuguese, but it's not hard to figure out where the links lead you. i.e- Rodada 2 takes you to live coverage of round two and resultado da primeira rodada takes you to round one pairings and results.

GM Josh Friedel is 2/2 and told CLO that he's happy with the mild winter weather and the friendly people, "They will try to talk to you in Portuguese even if it's clear you have no idea what they're saying." Later in the event, look for a report from the scene by Josh.