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July 31, 2012
The 30-person US delegation earned ten medals at the Pan-American Youth Championships in Lima, Peru. The bounty included six golds, three silvers and one bronze. Emily Nguyen even scored a perfect 9/9 in the girls under ten section. The team was coached by head of delegation and captain Aviv Friedman,  IM Andranik Matikozyan, Armen Ambartsoumian and FIDE Senior Trainer Michael Khodarkovsky. Congratulations to the players, coaches and parents! 

US Team Results (in tiebreak order)

Under 8 Girls
Maggie Ni - 8/9, GOLD MEDAL 
Aksithi Eswaran-5.5/9, 8th place 

Under 10 Girls 
Emily Nguyen, 9/9, GOLD MEDAL 
Chenyi Zhao, 4/9, 28th place

Under 12 Girls
Maggie Feng-7/9, SILVER MEDAL
Ashritha Eswaran- 6.5/9, 6th place
Under 14 Girls
Evan Xiang- 5.5/9, 10th place
Kristen Sarna-5/9, 14th place
Shaileja Jain-5.5/9, 13th place

Under 16 Girls
Jessica Regam- 6/9, 6th place 
Ellen Xiang- 5.5/9, 10th place
Claudia Munoz-4.5/9, 18th place

Under 8 Open
Tan Nguyen- 8/9, GOLD MEDAL 
Roshan Idnani-6.5/9, 5th place
Taran Idnani-6/9, 8th place
Under 10 Open 
Trung Nguyen- 8.5/9, GOLD MEDAL
Aravind Kumar-8.5/9 , SILVER MEDAL
Shreyes Kaliyur-3.5/8

Under 12 Open
Jonathan Chiang- 8/9, GOLD MEDAL
Kadhir Pillai- 7.5/9, SILVER MEDAL
Anthony Nguyen-7/9, BRONZE MEDAL

Under 14 Open
Michael Lim-5.5/9, 15th place

Under 16 Open 
Arthur Shen- 6/9, 8th place 
Sarah Chiang- 6/9, 11th place
John Hughes- 4.5/9, 36th place
Rohith Kaliyur- 3.5/9, 49th place

Under 18 Open
William Fisher- 7.5/9, GOLD MEDAL 
Christopher Heung- 5.5/9, 10th place
Miles Hinson- 5.5/9, 11th place
Shaurya Jain- 5/9, 22nd place

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