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Editor on the Road: Amsterdam Bound Print E-mail
By Jennifer Shahade   
November 9, 2011
JenBWklein.jpgNext week, I'm headed to Amsterdam for a series of events in conjunction with the Max Euwe tournament. The festivities include a double round-robin tournament and series of lectures and events in memory of the Dutch World Champion's death 30 years ago. See more info on the official website, www.euwetoernooi.nl and the press release on our website

I'll be conducting a children's simul and a book event at the English Book Shop, where I'll talk about Play Like a Girl and Chess Bitch. I'll also participate in a special rendition of naked chess, the video project I created with Daniel Meirom to promote Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess. 

After years of electronic communication, I'm also quite excited to connect in person with CLO and Chess Life Magazine contributors, GM Ian Rogers and photographer Cathy Rogers. 

Holland is a hotbed of chess culture, so I'm sure I'll have plenty to report. Look for a trip chronicle and photos right here. 

In other travel writing news, I'm working on a piece for Chess Life Magazine about my trip last month to London. While there, I got to meet some amazing people including Malcolm Pein who organizes the wonderful London Chess Classic, Sabrina Chevannes of the Chevannes Academy and Etan Itfeld, organizer of the Mind Sports Olympiad.

My passport is getting a workout this fall, which made me think of Jonathan Hilton's latest article on Chess Cosmopolitanism on what chessplayers have in common globally. GM Hikaru Nakamura summed up in a recent tweet: "I am so incredibly lucky and blessed to be able to travel the world, meet so many great people and play the game I love #chess."