USA Beats Turkey 3-1 In World Team Print E-mail
January 5, 2010
After a beautiful opening ceremony, the US team beat home squad Turkey 3-1, Photo Tony Rich for CCSCSL

After a beautiful opening ceremony, the US squad was off to work at the World Team Championship (January 4-13) in Bursa, Turkey. The US defeated home squad Turkey 3-1. The Americans had a bit of a scare when Yury Shulman lost to a stunning attack on board three, but Nakamura, Onischuk and Akobian all pulled through with full points. Like the FIDE Olympiad, the World Team Championships is now scored by match points.





Tomorrow, the US team will face India. Check out the pairings for the entire event here. You can watch the games live on the official website starting at 8 AM EST. Also be sure to check out the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis homepage for daily exclusive annotations by their new GM-in-residence, Ben Finegold. Today's annotated game is Nakamura's Sicilian win, and you will find further annotations on "Ben's Blog."