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Svidler Beats Topalov in Wijk Print E-mail
By Jennifer Shahade   
January 26, 2007
Topalov's second (Cheparinov) and manager (Danailov) are concerned. Photo Macauley Peterson

Wijk Aan Zee (January 12-28) became a free for all today when Peter Svidler defeated Topalov in a tight rook ending. Before today, the aggressive Bulgarian was leading comfortably, but now Topalov has only half a point more than Svidler, Aronian and Radjabov with Kramnik and Anand just behind.

"I wouldn't say this was the cleanest game I ever played or the most deserved win," Svidler told CLO reporter Macauley Peterson, "but a point is a point."


The nicest game of the round was from Levon Aronian. While Radjabov made waves during the first half of the event, and Svidler today, Levon has been calmly accumulating points. Aronian had only a small advantage in piece play in a symmetrical pawn structure. He pushed it to its maximum to extract a full point Karjakin, who is never afraid to step up with his king. This time he was punished!


The much hyped Topalov-Kramnik face-off goes down tomorrow. (January 27) Look for Macauley Peterson's onsite report.

Corus Wijk Aan Zee "A"
Standings after 11 Rounds

1. V. Topalov - 7.5
2-4. L. Aronian, P. Svidler and T. Radjabov- 7
5-6. V. Anand and V. Kramnik- 6.5
7. R. Ponomariov- 5.5
8. S. Karjakin and D. Navara- 5
10. S. Tiviakov and A. Motylev- 4.5
12. L. van Wely- 4
13. A. Shirov and M. Carlsen- 3.5