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January 18, 2009

GM Gata Kamsky, Photo IM Jan Van de Mortel

Just a month before his big match against Veselin Topalov (Sofia, Bulgaria, February 16-28), American World Championship candidate Gata Kamsky is warming up in a super Grandmaster tournament in Wijk Aan Zee (January 17-February 1), Corus Chess 2009. Kamsky started out with two draws, against Lenier Dominguez (Cuba) and Michael Adams (England). In round three, he went on to defeat Morozevich in an exciting Ruy Lopez game, when his steamrolling center pawns were unstoppable. 


After 27.Qg4, if Black played cxd4, White has e5!. Morozevich resigned after 34.Qh3 in view of 34...Qf8 35.Qf5, forcing mate.

IM Jan Van De Mortel watched Gata Kamsky's post-mordem analysis and told CLO that according to Kamsky, Morozevich played too ambitiously with 16....Kh8, based on a miscalculation in the position after 21.Nf5, missing 21...Bxf5 22.exf5 Bxd4 23.g5! (the move Morozevich missed) 23...hxg5 24.Qh5 Kg8 25.fxg6 Qxf2 26.Kh2 and White wins. After 21...Kg8 Black was in huge trouble and lost without a chance.

Check out the standings, schedule, crosstables and live games on the official site or the Internet Chess Club. Look for a CLO blog later in the event from GM Ian Rogers.

Corus "A" Game Highlights








After two rounds in the B-section, Italian-American Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana is tied for the lead with 1.5/2 with Efimenko and Navara.