Kamsky Stumbles in Corus; Three Lead Print E-mail
January 27, 2009
Gata Kamsky in his eighth round game against Magnus Carlsen, which ended in a draw. Photo IM Jan Van de Mortel

After a promising start in Corus Chess 2009 (Wijk Aan Zee, January 17- February 1) , Kamsky has stumbled, losing to Radjabov in round six and Aronian in the ninth round. Download a pgn of all Corus games so far here. Kamsky is currently on minus one (4/9) and has ample chances to rebound in his final four games against Ivanchuk, Karjakin, Van Wely and Movsesian. Kamsky is warming up in Corus for his World Championship qualifier match against Topalov from February 16-28 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Check out rules and details on scheduling of the big match on chessdom.com.

Dutch-American IM Jan Van de Mortel is at Corus. He told CLO that today Aronian praised his "monster bishops", chastized his technique once he was winning (43...Bg7 where 43...Nxa4 was better) and said Kamsky had pushed too hard for a win.


GMs Levon Aronian, Sergei Karjakin and Lenier Dominguez lead Corus with 5.5 out of 9 with four rounds to go.

Check out the standings, schedule, crosstables and live games on the official site or the Internet Chess Club. Look for a CLO blog later in the event from GM Ian Rogers.