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January 30, 2009
Gata Kamsky in his game against Sergei Karjakin. Photo IM Jan Van de Mortel
American World Championship challenger Gata Kamsky scored today in Corus Chess 2009 against GM Sergei Karjakin. This brings Kamsky's score up to even with two rounds to go. IM  Jan Van De Mortel observed Gata's analysis in the press room. He told CLO that Kamsky thought Karjakin had compensation for the pawn on c5, until Black played 17...b6, where 17...a6 would have been much better. Although Kamsky felt he didn't play his best, he kept the advantage. Karjakin's 31...dxe3 was horrible according to Kamsky, giving him a winning position. Instead, Karjakin should have stood firm when it is not easy for White to expand his advantage.


The biggest news of the day was Lenier Dominguez's win over last year's champ Levon Aronian, who was in clear first before the round.


Now Aronian, Dominguez, Teimour Radjabov and Sergei Movsesian are tied for first with 6.5/11 each, leaving Kamsky within striking distance!

Be sure to check out GM Ian Rogers in-depth report from yesterday for the inside scoop on Corus. Watch live games on the official website or the Internet Chess Club.

We also have the official schedule for Kamsky's match against Topalov, according to the Kamsky team:

Topalov- Kamsky Match Schedule

February 16- Opening Ceremony
February 17- Game 1, 3 PM Sofia Time (6 AM EST)
February 18- Game 2, 3 PM
February 19- Rest Day
February 20- Game 3, 3 PM
February 21- Game 4, 3 PM
February 22- Rest Day
February 23- Game 5, 3 PM
February 24-Game 6, 3 PM
February 25-Rest Day, 
February 26-Game 7, 3 PM
February 27- Game 8, 3 PM
February 28- Possible Tiebreak and Closing Ceremony