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January 20, 2012
Endgame_Image_web.jpgThanks to everyone who entered the Endgame contest, sponsored by Crown Publishing. The grand prize winner is Andrew Peng, who wins a paperback copy of  Endgame: Bobby Fischer's Rise and Fall (Crown Publishing, 2011) by Dr. Frank Brady. He also takes home a DVD of Bobby Fischer Against the World. Four other winners also receive a copy of Endgame: Curt Overman, Andrew Zirger, David Lawrence Smith, and Mark Fraser.

One condition of the contest was that each entrant send in their favorite Fischer game. The most popular favorite by a landslide was the "Game of the Century", Bobby Fischer's 1956 win over Donald Byrne at the Rosenwald Memorial. Fischer was just 13 years old at the time.


Also popular was Fischer's win over World Champion Mikhail Tal in Bled 1961. 


Another entrant, Kristin Garau, also picked Tal-Fischer but his pick was not from a tournament. "My favorite game(s) for Bobby weren't at a tournament. They were when he visited Tal at the hospital and played. Here you have two of the greatest minds in chess, hunkered down over a small board in a hospital. You have this war of the minds, but also a sense of grace and compassion demonstrated by Bobby for his peer."

Over a dozen entrants selected games from the Fischer-Spassky 1972 Championship match, ranging from the final game to a twitter reply @USChess that his favorite was the second round forfeit. The two most popular picks were games #3 and #6.



Several picked Fischer's win over Benko in the 1963 US Chess Championship, featuring a famous blockade tactic.


Evan Rabin picked another Fischer-Benko game:


Sleeper picks

Robert Bernard chose a Fischer loss, in a simul game from 1971.


One of our raffle winners, Andrew Zirger selected Fischer's win vs. Myagmarsuren in the Sousse Interzonal


Tom Braunlich, author of the popular CLO article, "Keep the Draw- Fix the Flaw" , was the only one to pick Fischer-Taimanov from the 1971 Candidates Match, game four.


Author Frisco de Rosario chose a win by Fischer over Arpad Elo:


IM Eric Tangborn likes the following Fischer win over Vasily Smyslov because "I learned the importance of development from this game."

Finally, we had a 10-year-old entrant, World Youth silver medallist Ruifeng Li, who was recently awarded a 2012 Schein-Friedman scholarship. His favorite Fischer Game is this win over another World Champion, Max Euwe.

Didn't win? Pick up the book, now in paperback, at USCF Sales.

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