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January 22, 2009
One of 14 of Betsy Dynako's photographs in the "Hands up for WCL" contest

Betsy Dynako and I thought the Hands Up for WCL contest may be too hard, but we actually got three perfect scores. In order of their entries: Brian G. Chan, Michael Langer, Daniel Naroditsky. The latter two perfect scores were from 2300+ players, who may have had the unfair advantage of playing against many of the skillful chess hands! As Michael Langer wrote, " This contest should a piece of cake for the many fanatical followers of Betsy Dynako's brilliant photographic work .... I decided to base my answers on the firsthand impressions, since I was fortunate to get to play tournament games against all the featured players, except Viktor L'vovich."

The other three USCF Members to win the one year World Chess Live memberships were Michael Cornett, Todd Imada and Luciana Morales. 

My personal blooper award goes to the person that thought the photo above was my hand! Really? If you see my arm looking like that in a women's event, it would really only be fair to call up the drug-testers immediately. Speaking of which, the big World chess news of the day is that Ivanchuk was finally excused and not banned for missing his drug test in Dresden. The lead photo is actually GM Kaidanov's hand/arm- check out full results below-  Jennifer Shahade

The hands

Chouchanik Airapetian
2. Ben Finegold
3. John Bick
4. David Pruess
5. Katerina Rohonyan
6. Chimi Tuvshintugs
7.Eugene Perelshteyn
8. Irina Krush
9. Gregory Kaidanov
10. Viktor Korchnoi
11.11b.jpg  Jennifer Shahade (with special pink and white chess pieces by thechesspiece.com.)
  12.jpg12.  Elizabeth Vicary
13. Alex Yermolinsky

14.Jesse Kraai