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January 16, 2014
MichaelAigner300.jpgIn our annual Best of CLO countdown (see the 2012 edition here ), we revisit the best articles of 2013, which you may have missed in the hectic news cycle. We begin the 10-story countdown tomorrow (Friday). For now, meet our judges!

Michael Aigner (left) follows the Wide World of Chess from the warm comforts of his abode in California.  He pushes wood online under the pseudonym "fpawn," referring to a peculiar affinity for openings involving the pawn moves f2-f4 or f7-f5.  Key accomplishments over the past 12 months include getting off the 2200 rating floor and teaching a few more kids the finer points of this noble game.  Check out the fpawn chess blog at http://fpawn.blogspot.com and Twitter page at http://twitter.com/fpawn.

Tim250.jpgTim Brennan
is the author of Tactics Time!: 1001 Chess Tactics from the Games of Everyday Chess Players, the #1 selling kindle chess book on amazon, and now available as a paperback from New in Chess! Tim enjoys publishing chess tactics from amateur games, and writes a free chess improvement email newsletter.  You can sign up at http://tacticstime.com.

Ben Finegold is a popular American Grandmaster based in Saint Louis. He wrote for CLO most recently during the World Youth Championship in United Arab Emirates. Find out more about his lessons and events via his company, Finegold Chess Enterprises. You can also follow him on his blog and twitter.

Carla Heredia
is from Ecuador. In 2012, she became Woman Grand Master and Pan-American Champion. She studies Psychology and Sport Sciences at TTU. Carla is also available for chess lessons or a chess simul. Her website www.carlaheredia.com presents authentic chess material. Find her on twitter @Herediacarla.

Galen Pyle
owns and operates the Portland Chess Shop in Portland, Oregon. Galen Pyle is a USCF tournament director and FIDE international chess arbiter.   Portland Chess Shop hosts tons of free online thematic correspondence chess tournaments on chess.com and sells merchandise through their own site. Check out their chess lessons on YouTube.