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January 23, 2014
Matan250.jpgThe #5 article in Best of CLO 2013 is Summers at the US Chess School by Matan Prilleltensky. Matan gave readers an insight into the chess lessons at the seasonal summer camp held for our top young players. Here he describes some advice by coach GM Yury Shulman.

Another psychological concept Yury elaborated on was the idea of equanimity at the board. Some players waver between emotional extremes during games; sometimes they are angry, sometimes thrilled, sometimes in between. According to Yury, the correct state of mind (or ‘level of happiness’) during a game is somewhere around 55%. Keeping an even keel throughout is the best way to deal with the vicissitudes of a serious game; something that, as Yury noted, applies to life in general beyond the chessboard.

Matan is a coach at NEST+m, who came back from the K-12 Nationals in Orlando with two national titles. Matan just wrote a piece “New Chess You in 2014” on his training methods. He also won Best of CLO #1 in 2012 for "Choosing to Break 2200."

The US Chess School was founded by IM Greg Shahade, also a Best of CLO 2013 winner. Find out more about the USCS here.

The Judges Sound Off
(More on the judges here)
I always like articles written about the US Chess School.  I especially liked this one because the author noted the different instructors and dissected the teaching style of each, and gave many examples.  I felt like I learned a lot just reading the article, as if I was a student there myself.- GM Ben Finegold

“Great mix of stories about the students and teachers at the US Chess School with in depth chess game analysis. Exceptional chess lessons and chess player pictures.”- Galen Pyle

The US Chess School invites just a few talented young stars to attend its training sessions, but readers young and old learn from the instructive summary reports.  Matan Prilleltensky shares several valuable lessons in chess psychology, endgame technique and converting a development edge into a decisive attack.  Highly recommended for any player 1600 and up seeking to improve.--Michael Aigner
In my opinion, children are the present and the future and the 22nd session of the Us Chess School is given them the right opportunity to pursue their goals. I liked this article because it combines chess, Grand Masters personal experiences, and altruism.  My admiration to IM Greg Shahade, Dr Jim Roberts and the Marshall Chess Club for given this children a lifetime experience – Carla Heredia

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