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January 26, 2014
The #4 article in Best of CLO 2013 is The Scoop on SuperNationals V from the US Chess Scoop. The video gave a glimpse into the largest tournament ever with 5335 participants. 

The most recent US Chess Scoop videos featured South Philadelphians teaching the rules of chess  and the Liberty Bell Open. Their next stop is a trip to the US Amateur Team Championships, or World Team Championships. Subscribe to the channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/USChessFederation
The Judges Sound Off
(More on the judges here)

I really liked this video, and I especially enjoyed seeing a current and a former student in the interviews.  This video gave me a taste of the SuperNationals, and it showed the enjoyment of the participants. I attended this Super National (my first time!) and it was truly a larger than life event.- GM Ben Finegold

“Fun video that interviews chess kids about their journey to SuperNationals. Inspiring stories! I’m happy to hear that these young men and women are starring in new chess documentaries, producing their own chess videos, and even creating chess camps to promote women in chess. The Scoop on SuperNationals illustrates how a new generation of chess players are contributing to build a better chess world.” Galen Pyle

Very nice video!  Really captures the energy and excitement of this tournament!  Loved the tight editing and background music, and fast pace.  Really nice!- Tim Brennan

Have you never attended a USCF Nationals?  After watching this 5-minute video, you will know what to expect.  The video features great interviews, fun personalities and an exciting atmosphere!- Michael Aigner

Scoop did an excellent video of the "Gens Una Sumus" of  the Super Nationals- Carla Heredia

Best of CLO Countdown 2013
4. The Scoop on SuperNationals V from the US Chess Scoop
5. Summers at the US Chess School by Matan Prilleltensky (Judging article)
6. On the Mat, Over The Board by Melinda J. Matthews (Judging article)
7. Greg on Chess: Magnus & Openings by IM Greg Shahade (Judging article) 
8. On the Way to Breakthrough by IM Justin Sarkar (Judging article) 
9. Melinda's Swan Song to SuperNationals by Melinda J. Matthews  (Judging article) 
10. Reykjavik Open Ends with a Whimper (or why Greg Shahade is Wrong, Again) by GM Ian Rogers (Judging article)