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January 26, 2014
JeremySilman200.jpgThe #3 article in Best of CLO 2013 is Dinos to the Slav: Silman on Apple Apps by IM Jeremy Silman. Jeremy gave an in-depth look into his favorite apps, from children's chess to tactics training to openings.

 I also have 1,600 apps (Help! Call a psychiatrist!), all my magazine subscriptions are now digital, and I have many full-length movies in digital format. This means that my iPhone and iPad allows me to carry all my magazines, music, movies, games, and countless other things with me when I travel, which makes trips to Asia and Europe far more pleasant than they used to be.

Silman’s other contributions for CLO include a piece on Magnus Carlsen and a review of Strategy for Club Players. His website jeremysilman.com includes a number of chess reviews and also reflects his wide areas of interest outside the game. His own chess books, including the renowned “Reassess Your Chess” series are available on USCF Sales.

The Judges Sound Off
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I actually sent this article to several of my friends and family after reading.  It had a lot of useful information and was well researched, in a field that actually needs more articles like this.  Jeremy certainly did his homework and there is more than enough information here to help anyone with Apple products purchase excellent chess apps.-GM Ben Finegold 

“Jeremy Silman’s article is a practical, useful reference guide. I appreciate his focus on chess game apps for Apple mobile tablets. This is the perfect starting point for beginner chess players who want to learn how to play chess and have fun at the same time. With so many options, Jeremy Silman’s detailed recommendations point the reader in the right direction.”- Galen Pyle

This is a very comprehensive article.  Very long, and very informative, and looks like it took a lot of time and effort to put together- Tim Brennan

The popular author IM Jeremy Silman shares his favorite Apple chess apps, from tactics puzzles to e-books to computer engines and databases.  The review, while detailed and quite thorough, leaves Android owners out in the cold.- Michael Aigner

Chess and  technology have a long time relationship for example: engines, chess programs, lessons, and the possibility to play online. Nowadays, tablets are growing in popularity and more than one prefers a tablet or a smartphone than a laptop. And of course, we want our tablet also for chess.

 The problem is that there are too many chess apps in the Apple Store and sometimes we do not know what exactly to buy...  In his article, IM Jeremy Silman, explain to us everything we need to know about chess apps. Jeremy did an excellent article because he covers all type of chess apps and he presents us the best ones. –Carla Heredia

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