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February 4, 2008
lizleadtop10.jpgThe #4 article in CLO's Best of 2007 is WFM Elizabeth Vicary's "Top Ten Teaching Books." Also read the original article with 18 comments.  In the sea of chess books, Vicary pinpoints ten of the most worthy. Elizabeth is a championship coach of I.S. 318, a middle school in Brooklyn, New York. She often writes articles about coaching or scholastic chess, including a CLO story about the 2007 Junior High Nationals in Sacramento, California Junior High: Big Winners and A Big Tie, where  I.S. 318 won the K-8 Open, K-8 Under 750 and K-9 U1250 sections. Also check out Chess Coach Symposium from the August 07 Chess Life Magazine, in which Elizabeth leads a conversation between six other top coaches about teaching and studying.

The Judges Sound Off
To learn more about the judges, read "Meet the Judges."

 "A very thoughtful analysis from a good coach and journalist on which books are helpful for the teacher as well as for the student. As lots of my students ask what to read, I believe, we are really in need of such articles."- GM Yury Shulman

"Vicary chose books for teaching students who already know the rules of chess and algebraic notation. When I'm asked about best teaching books for intermediate students, I give this link."- Alexey Root

"Wow!  THIS was an amazing article, and I learned a lot from it at the time, as I was in the process of teaching a smart little kid when it first appeared.  You can tell how hard Elizabeth worked on writing this article. I still smile when I remember Elizabeth posting in the comments section, in response to my query, that she has never learned how to mate with Knight and Bishop v. King.  As one of my chess fantasies, I would love to see the expression on Elizabeth’s face as I took her last rook at the US Championship, leaving her to mate me with Knight and Bishop!  Ha!"- Mike Cornett

"Since I am chess teacher, this was surely the most useful article for me. I suspect anyone below 1600 would find a lot of use in the recommendations of such an accomplished teacher."- Michael Klein