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January 10, 2009
GM Ian Roger, Photo Cathy Rogers 
The #7 article in Best of Chess Life Online 2008 is Akobian on Top in Australia by GM Ian Rogers. The article was singled out for its beautiful photographs (by Cathy Rogers), in-depth analysis, and exciting American angle. Ian and Cathy Rogers maintain homebases in Holland and Australia, and travel frequently to many points in-between. CLO and the print magazine publish many dispatches from the duo.

Ian also got a number of points for Ian on Fischer and Forfeits in Wijk , though this finished out of the top ten. IM Irina Krush, whose rap lyrics you can read below, said of Fischer and Forfeits: " Another well done tournament report by Ian Rogers, which greatly benefited from the gods' decision to send not only their usual wind and rain to Wijk aan Zee, but also a slew of exciting story lines." Also check out GM Rogers' in-depth reporting of the Anand Bonn match including, Viswanathan Anand World Champion!, GM Rogers on Anand-Kramnik: "Yes, It's Over." , GM Rogers asks, "Is it Over", Anand Heats Up in Bonn and The Fan's Guide to Kramnik-Anand. Rogers' many articles in the print magazine include Anand is Matchless in the most recent issue, Jan 09.  Ian will return to CLO with onsite coverage of the Kamsky-Topalov match in Sofia.

The Judges Sound Off
Read more about the judges here.

"I was fascinated by this account of grit, determination, and dedication to flouting the 'no draws in under 30 moves' rule. Particularly enjoyable was the Akobian-Zhang collaboration, which had that Yeah, it's unnatural /b--- so what/ that's about as far as this game gon' go/ maybe some day we'll be paired again/ maybe some day we'll play a game/ but till that day just take this draw and walk away' feel to it.

Or rap along to Akobian-Antic, You wanna see another?/ I'm on the top board brother! / check out this s--- I'm spittin/ check out these moves I'm hittin/ my bishop to f4/ my bishop to d2/ this stuff is off the hook/ just needs a little book/ my bishop to f4/ my bishop to d2/ oh d--- it feels so good/ to sit here pushin wood/ Kids wonder how I do it/ they wonder how it's done/ move that bishop to f4/ then back to d2, son/ that's how to be a master/ that's how to draw much faster/ no opening disaster/ one-half is what I'm after/ there goes another chapter/ a tournament I've captured / what?-- / the td wants more moves?/ i'll show him something new/ don't capitulate/ interpolate bishop g5 and h6 too/ now back to GM basics/ these tricks you know now too/ my bishop to f4/ my bishop to d2/ Oh wait-- I've prepped this, foo/ Bishop e5-- now what the h--- he gonna do!?!

I also loved the adorable kangaroo and koala photos."- Irina Krush

"Another close to "perfect" tournament report and again written for a big audience - something Rogers does best of all."--Peter Doggers

"Solid and interesting reporting, but points off for the line:  “Canberra is a man-made city.” (Nice kangaroo photo.)"- Mark Taylor

"The article from Down Under followed the success of GM Akobian.  The highlights included two well-annotated games plus stories on and off the chess board.  I really enjoy reading about travels abroad; the wonderful photos by Cathy Rogers brought both Akobian and the Aussie wildlife into focus.  This article got high marks across the board, but especially for photography."- Michael Aigner