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January 14, 2009
IM Sam Shankland, Photo Dujiu Yang
The #3 article in Best of CLO 2008 is Interview with an American Medallist: IM Sam Shankland by WGM Jennifer Shahade and IM Sam Shankland. Judges noted the generosity and volume of Shankland's annotations, and how the piece showcased Sam's personality--and diligence. The conversation between CLO editor Jennifer Shahade and Sam focused on the 17-year-old's meteoric rise from 2200 to 2450 FIDE in just over a year, and his triumph in the 2008 World Under 18 Championship in Vietnam. The crowning glory of the piece was Sam's analysis of all 11 games from the event.

The second installment of Interview with an American Medallist was with World Senior Champion GM Larry Kaufman. The third installment, to appear later this month, will star the upcoming Chess Life cover star, WGM Rusudan Goletiani.

The Judges Sound Off
Read more about the judges here.

Typically, Sam likes to showcase his immaturity; this interview, however, reveals his mature and earnest side. His pretension-free comments and objective analytical work set a great example for aspiring players- IM Irina Krush
I'll be (perhaps brutally) honest: the "Interviewer:<insert question here> Respondent: <insert answer here>" format nearly always leaves me cold. It's too formal and sterile to be interesting. But in this case, Sam's frankness and openness enlivens the piece tremendously, acting as an ice pick in the heart of the incipient formality, and turning him into someone I'd really like to meet some day- Arlen Walker

This interview set a world record for annotated games by a high school student.  Simply put, World U18 co-Champ IM Sam Shankland is amazing and Jennifer Shahade did her best to contain him within 100 MB.  The fact that this article didn't score higher on my list is only a testament to the strength of the competition- Michael Aigner

This is a well-conducted interview that brings the reader closer to the subject and his world. The 11 games are a bonus- Mark Taylor

I think Sam Shankland's article and analysis were great. Sam sounded very mature, and it was an excellent interview by Shahade, with very thorough details.- IM Alex Lenderman