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January 7, 2009
NM Evan Rosenberg. Photo Elizabeth Vicary
The #10 article in the 2008 Best of Chess Life Online competition is "Evan Rosenberg on Breaking 2200." Judges praised Evan's sense of humor and practical tips for players striving for the big 22. Rosenberg was born and raised in New York, attended University of Texas at Dallas, and now lives in New York again, where he is an alternate for the New York Knights. The lavish praise for this article may raise questions as to why it didn't place even higher. Indeed, the race for 6-10 was very tight, with all the articles within a few points of each other. Evan also wrote a piece on the 2008 Marshall Chess Club Championships and plans to contribute more articles in 2009.

The Judges Sound Off
Read more about the judges here.

"What else can you say about this article besides praise? It's very instructive, for much of the population, as many people aim for 2200 these days. I also think this article will be helpful not just for experts and A players. All these suggestions are also excellent for struggling 1200 players who just try to get a little bit better and stop blundering. The games included were also very instructive, and the article brought up a lot of discussion in comments."- IM Alex Lenderman

"Kudos to another young man who made it to the big time!  Hopefully this article inspires some other juniors to reach for the stars (or at least for a 2200 rating.)"- Michael Aigner

"Even if you haven't improved in years and are down to your last $3.50, there is still hope for you, says our author, in a valiant attempt to rescue the USCF from the ailing economy and robust lawsuits. Seriously, buying a notation pad is one of Evan's excellent recommendations. After skipping through Sam's annotations and smiling uncomfortably at Evan's advice, I've resolved to now analyze every third game of mine (so long as they are easy wins.)"—IM Irina Krush

"Funny and revealing look at moving from 2100 to 2200 buy scrapping what you know in favor of learning new things. Great comments by the peanut gallery too."- Mike Atkins

"Excellent, a rare kind of article: honest, clear, and true words by a 2200 player. I like the practical approach and the article finishes nicely, too."- Peter Doggers