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By Jennifer Shahade   
January 12, 2008
coruslead.jpgTop GMs Michael Adams and Boris Gelfand face off in round 1 of Corus. Photo Tara MacGowran

The 2008 edition of the super Corus chess tournament runs from January 11-27 in Wijk Ann Zee, Holland. In the "A" section, there were three bloody round 1 games: Radjabov, Aronian and Carlsen won against Anand, Topalov and Mamedyarov. You can see the entire "A" schedule and round 1 results here ; check the official Corus '08 homepage for other details.

Don't give up!

Mamedyarov resigned prematurely in the following position against Carlsen:

Position after 40...Ne3

Even though his position looks extremely ugly, it's not like White can't make it difficult for Black, with moves such as Ra6. Here is the full game:


Favorites Fall

No one could have predicted that the two highest rated players in the event, Veselin Topalov and Viswanathan Anand would fall in round 1.



 Americans in Corus

IM Irina Krush and GM Fabiano Caruana (who officially plays for Italy.) are playing in the "C" group. Irina lost her first game on the Black side of a King's Indian, an opening that she is more familiar with playing the white side of.


You can follow Irina and Fabiano's progress on this link, to the Group C crosstable. You can follow the games live on ICC. Stay tuned for a couple of on-scene blogs from GM Ian Rogers.