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Top Things Not to Tell Your Students Print E-mail
By CLO editors   
February 2, 2007

10. That kid is too good-- go for the four move checkmate, it's your only chance.
9. Castling is for wimps.
8. Don't worry about getting a good night's sleep, just nap during your opponent's move.
7. 1.d4 d5 2.c4 dc 3. Qb3 is an interesting opening called the "Queen's Gambit"
6. If a higher rated player offers you a draw, always accept or else they'll probably beat you.
5. Winners usually cheat at some point in their career.
4. A fork is not a kitchen utensil.
3. In pawn endings, it's best just to go with your intuition.
2. If your opponent is moving real fast, its very important to move faster.
1. Don't waste time studying the endgame. Your games will never get that far- Dan Maxwell

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