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Top Ten Chess Pick-Up Lines Print E-mail
By CLO Editors   
February 10, 2007

10.Come to this outpost often?

9.I lost my queen last round, but I think I just found her.

8. If you like my opening just wait until the middlegame.

7. Your father must have been a Grandmaster to steal the passed pawns he put in your eyes.

6. There is no gambit I won't play for you.

5. Is that a Chronos in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

4. Did anyone ever tell you you look a lot like IM Almira Skripchenko (or GM Vladimir Tkachiev)?

3. Wow, how much do you have to practice to get such strong knights?

2. I can help you prepare for your next game. My database or your database?

1. Fritz has analyzed our relationship deeply and I have good news: mate in two-Timothy J Schmal

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Thanks for all the great suggestions for pick up lines and congrats to Timothy Schmal for adding the final pick-up line to our list. Here are some runners-up:

I've touched Garry Kasparov. Would you like to touch me?

Please excuse my aggressiveness, but a guy can't get himself a queen if he isn't willing to push

When I first saw you my heart skipped two tempi.

After losing a game on time: "When I saw you across the board, I knew this was the real thing, and I didn't want to move too fast."

Baby, you make me weak in the squares.

Photos of Almira and Vladimir courtesy of chessbase.com.