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By Alex Betaneli   
February 19, 2008
The winning team, "WI Chess Academy's Surprise" with their prizes, Chronos Clocks. Photo courtesy http://gettingto2000.blogspot.com

The "WI Chess Academy's Surprise" won the U.S. Amateur Team North (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Feb.16-17). The winning team is composed of three of Wisconsin top active players and a talented IL junior Trevor Magness. The victory was largely determined by Erik Santarius's and Trevor Magness's perfect scores on boards three and four.


"Fischer Evermore" (left to right: Raymonds Lauzums, Mark Parnaby, Scot Henderson, Wesley Ferguson) played "WI Chess Academy's Surprise" in round one. Photo Gunner  Lauzums.
The Scholastic Section was full of intrigue with "Buenos No-Chess" (3.5-0.5) and "Corps of 204" (4-0) slugging it out in the last round. It was a hard-fought tie resulting in "Crops of 204" winning the event.  All results will be posted on www.wichessacademy.com by Wed evening. The tournament has been rated already. Finally, there were no reports of chess players freezing to death!


1st Overall: "WI Chess Academy's Surprise" (Alex Betaneli, Ashish Vaja, Erik Santarius, Trevor Magness)
2nd Overall:
"Nimzowitsch's Knights" (Matt Conant, Kelly Borman, Luke Ludwig, Tim Bogenschutz)
Best u1900 : "Team Name Here" (Bill Wenz, Stanley Garvin, Ivan Wijetunge, Neil Gleason, Nolan Hendrickson)
Best u1600: "Three Dumb Oxes and a Shepherd" (Hongkai Pan, Geremy Webne-Behrman, Derek Sachs, Xiaoming Tim Wang, Gregory Azbel)
Bestu1300 Average: "Bad Bishops" (Michael Lawrence, Ben Corcoran, Joe Hall-Reppen, Yunus Salami, Sandy Pahl)
Best Name Team Award: "Team Name Here" (names above)
Board Prizes:

Board One: Jeremy Kane from "Dangerously Chessy"(4.5/5)
Board Two: Leslie Kistler from "Fyr and Loathing" (5/5)
Board Three: Erik Santarius from "Wisconsin Chess Academy's Surprise" (5/5)
Board Four: Trevor Magness from "Wisconsin Chess Academy's Surprise" (5/5)

1st Overall: "Corps of 204--Honoring Every Square" (John Veech, Gabe Foster, Thomas Schneider, Troy Zimmermann)
Best High School: "Buenos No-Chess" (Jonathon Davies, Bob Gallenberg, Tim Broman, Henry Vander Hill)
2nd Best High School: "Redcats" (Mikail Winters, Vincent Daniels, Michelle Lepak, Christopher Bennett)

Best Middle School: "Roman Levit Chess Club" (Anton Rudenko, Elan Leykin, Ilya Litvin, Kirill Shmilovich)
Best Elementary School: "King's Dragons" (David Jin, Rohan Mhaskar, Sean Chang, Suhas Kodali)
2nd Best Elementary School: "Chicago Chess Kids" (Roshan Shankar, Saagar Shah, Rohit Shankar, Neil Chakravartty, Aka Chakravartty)
Best Name Team Award: "Buenos No-Chess" (names above)
Board Prizes:
Board One: Roshan Shankar from "Chicago Chess Kids" (4.5/5)
Board Two: Gabe Foster from "Corps of 204" and Rohan Mhaskar from "King's Dragons" (4.5/5)
Board Three: Thomas Schneider from "Corps of 204" (5/5)
Board Four: Henry Vander Hill from "Buenos No-Chess" (5/5)