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By Jennifer Shahade   
February 20, 2008
Boards one and two on GGGg, GMs Eugene Perelshteyn and Zviad Izoria Photo Elizabeth Vicary

"GGGg", a sensational team with three Grandmasters  (Zviad Izoria, Eugene Perelshteyn and Roman Dzindzichashvili) won the U.S. Amateur Team East (Parsippany, NJ, Feb.16-18) with a 6-0 score. On the Boston Blitz blog , Eugene Perelshteyn told Chris Bird that the GGGg stands for three GMs and a future grandmaster.  The possible future GM was 5-year-old Stephen Fanning, rated 178. Stephen is the son of John Fanning, who played with Eugene and Roman last year.

GM Roman Dzindzichashvili. Photo E.Vicary

When asked if future teams might try to copy the "GGGg" example, Eugene modestly left out that it's not so easy to find three strong GMs ready to play on a team together, and  said: "If someone thinks this win is a walk in the park, they should think again.  I believe that playing with so much pressure on the top boards, needing to win in every round, is not easy.  Particularly if we face a team with a GM or IM on board one.  I commend Izoria for his tough wins against Schneider and Lapshun." Read the full interview with Chris Bird here.

Here is Eugene's win against Harvard freshman NM Teddy Coleman:


This was a record turnout for the U.S. Amateur Team East , and Steve Doyle wrote that all 291 teams were winners. Be that as it may, below is a list courtesy the NJ chess federation homepage of those who brought home the top prizes.

Read more about the Amateur Team East
in the first CLO report, with photos by Elizabeth Vicary. Watch for a final blog by Abby Marshall later this week with more photos from Elizabeth. Also look for a Chess Life Magazine article on the U.S. Amateur Team East by Jack Adamo.

First place—GGG(g)
Second Place-- 1.d4
Third Place—No Money for my Chess Honey
Fourth Place—We Own the Knight
Fifth- No Longer Searching for Bobby Fischer
U2100—Searching For Bobby Fischer
U2000-New Britain Bad Bishops
U1900—Hopkins Chess Club
U1800—CIS Royals
U1700—We Suggest you Resign
U1600 –4NCS
U1500—CIS Falcons
U1400—Vick Endorses Horse Fighting
U1300--CIS Hedge Hogs
U1200—Chessaholics 2
U1000-CIS Eagles
Top NY--  DA Dynasty
Top PA –Push and We’ll Topalov
Top VA—Seapower 2008
Top Canada—Sinclair Laird Prometheans
Top CT  New Britain Bad Bishops
Top MD- Pillsbury Dough Boys
Top Mass  Cambridge Springers
Top NC  The I Pawns
Top NJ  Michael Khodarkovsky Tycoons
Top Delaware—Dads & Sons
Best Name—No Longer Searching for Bobby Fischer
Best Chess Costume/Gimmick Dark Horses

Individual Upsets
Round 1  999 Pond, Emily
Round 2  895 Thompson, William
Round 3  911 Majid, Saira
Round 4  598 Paredes, Alexis
Round 5  887 Low, Timothy J
Round 6  702 Fanning, John

Top College Team—University Dallas Texas
Top High School  -King Krunchers
Top Middle School---IS 318 Queens
Top Elementary   Dark Horses
Top Scholastic--- Michael Khodarkovsky  Dragons
2nd Scholastic---Real Gentlemen Would resign
Mixed Doubles--  No Sleep Till Brooklyn
Top Senior Team—Alter Clockers
Top Company Team—Boeing
Top Family—Kapengut Family Team
Top Military—Sea Power 2008
Old Timers—Old Chestnuts
Ethel Collins Perseverence==Collins Kids Bank St B
Board 1  6-0 Scores:
Mike Zlotnikov
Hikaru Nakamura
Leonid Sokolin
Dave Gertler
Board 2
Eugene Perelshteyn
Joe Fang
Yoges Raghunathan
Matt Masino
Jason Luchan
Board 3
Roman Dzindhashvilli
Greg Fernandez
Joe Felber

Board 4
Jared Defibbaugh
Jose Esponsoa
Steve Ferrero
Mac Gomes

Board 5
Rosas, Victor
Lamonto, Samuel
Samuels, Eric Alan