Ringoir tallies final GM Norm at Chinggis Chess Club Print E-mail
By Tom Langland   
February 21, 2015
IM Tanguy Ringoir receiving his final GM Norm certificate and $800 first prize from Chief Arbiter IA Tom Langland.

Looking to expand the knowledge and experience of its coaches and players, the Chinnggis Chess Club located in Burlingame, California hosted its' first ever GM Norm Tournament in late January 2015. Participants included top World 100 player GM Parimarjan Negi along with GMs Jesse Kraai and Batchuluu Tsegmed.  This allowed for seven more players in the ten player round robin event to via for an elusive GM norm, stepping closer to the official FIDE Grandmaster title.   Other norm seekers included IM Tegshsure Enkhbat, IM Gangold Odondoo, IM Andrey Gorobets, IM Tanguy Ringoir and IM Levan Bregadze.  The tournament was organized by Chinggis Chess Club President Bekhtur Bayaraa with FIDE IA Tom Langland as the Chief Arbiter.

IM Tanguy Ringoir was the only norm chaser to meet the required 6.5 points for a GM norm. This was Ringoir's third GM norm, so he can apply for the title at the next FIDE meeting.  Ringoir's first GM norm was achieved in 2012 at the age of 18, Tanguy Ringoir scored his second norm in a closed GM tournament in Donostia, Spain.  Ringoir won the 2013 edition of the Belgian Chess Championships in Antwerpen, and is now a student at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).

IM Wang started out fast looking build up to the GM norm score, in this first round win by means of the black pieces against the number two rated player GM Jesse Kraai in the following game with the shocking 35. Bg1!  


Later in round 4, Puchen was still looking strong with 2.5 out of 3 and leading the tournament, until Ringoir also came up with a nice rook and bishop mating pattern on the second rank in this game.


In Round 7, local GM Batchuluu Tsegmed was now topping the event with 5 points, until suffering the following loss against Andrey Gorovets who would go on to tie for 3rd place.


Top rated GM Parimarjan Negi struggled early losing to Puchen but recovered nicely, finishing with three straight wins to tie for first place with 6.5 and $800, including this win in round 7 over IM Enkhbat, with a speculative pawn sacrifice on move 17. Rhe1 which Enkhbat did not accept at first.  Finally a time pressure scramble ended in mate!


Lastly, needing win against GM Tsegmed to achieve his final GM norm, Ringoir utilized his endgame technique in this final round game, even after the GM isolated and doubled Ringoir c-pawns early in this Nimzo Indian opening, but allowing him to establish control the b-file. 


The participants at the opening ceremony

GM Parimarjan Negi receiving his check for $800 for joint first prize from Tournament Organizer Bekhtur Bayaraa.