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February 25, 2009
GM Melikset Khachiyan,
Photo Lola Nunn
GM Melikset Khachiyan of California tied for first in the "A2" section of the Aeroflot Open (Moscow, February 16-25), with IM Alexandre Danin of Russia. Khachiyan scored 7/9 and scored an 2675 FIDE performance rating. Upon returning to L.A,  Khachiyan plans to annotate his favorite game from Aeroflot on CLO, and said, "I haven't played that level of chess for a long time. It was one of the greatest results in my whole chess career." In his crucial penultimate game, he won against IM Mikhail Krylov. The game seemed level for some time, until White played the weakening 31.h4? allowing all of Khachiyan's pieces to leap into action.


14-year-old IM Ray Robson had a great start in the "A1 section",
but faltered toward the end losing three games in a row. He still scored a 2516 performance rating.

GM Jaan Ehlvest led the American contingent in the super-strong A1 section, with 5/9. Here is a pretty win from Ehlvest against the Chinese GM, Yang Wen.


 Etienne Bacrot and Alexander Moiseenko tied for first in the top section with 6.5/9 each. Alexander Onischuk failed to repeat his success from the Moscow Open, but did rally in the end with a round eight win over GM Vaganian of Armenia. GM Varuzhan Akobian scored 4/9. 

In the A2 section, GM Alexander Ivanov scored 4/9, and IM Irina Krush had 3/9. In the "B" tournament, Bayaara Zorigt scored 2.5/9. For more games and complete results and information, check the Aeroflot website.