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Kamsky Draws in Scary Grunfeld Print E-mail
February 17, 2009
logo_en.jpgIn the first game of Kamsky-Topalov match (Sofia, February 16-28), fans were concerned when Gata went into the tank after Topalov's novelty against Kamsky's b6 Grunfeld, 17. e5. Kamsky thought for almost an hour, leading Internet observers to wonder if there was a relay disconnect. Those doubting Kamsky's form and confidence based on the long think were soon silenced. Kamsky came back on the clock and the board to score a draw--and in the end, it was Topalov who had the chances to falter.

 From 18...Qxf6 he only spent more than five minutes on two moves, 20...gxf5 and 28...Rg8, which ensured the draw. GM Ian Rogers, who will arrive in Sofia on Friday to report for CLO said, "It was an incredibly brave opening choice by Gata...I guess the 46 minutes on 17...Bd7 were well-spent."


In Sochi, 2008, Kamsky lost a game in the same line against one of Topalov's seconds, Ivan Cheparinov, except he played 17. Rac1 instead of e5.


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