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February 2, 2015
leonxtoCLO.jpgThe #4 article in Best of CLO 2014 is Carlsen on Sochi Win by Leonxto Garcia.
"An interview by legendary Spanish journalist Leonxto Garcia offers a glimpse inside Magnus Carlsen's mind a day after dispatching Anand again," said Michael f-pawn Aigner while Chess Journalist of the Year Brian Jerauld said, "This is a fantastic interview, not only because of its timeliness in catching the World Champion so shortly after his defense, but also with the variety of topics covered through the questions."

In the interview, Carlsen discussed his work with Garry Kasparov in preparation for the match and his chess dreams:

Leoxnto Garcia: Spassky told me he often dreamed of Fischer. Did your dreams feature Anand, or did you suffer any chess nightmares during the match?
Magnus Carlsen: I always liked Spassky's sense of humour. No, I slept very well, very peacefully, most nights. Whenever I dreamt, it was far away from chess. And when I woke up, I forgot I was even playing a World Championship match.:

LG: Did you get any help from Kasparov before or during the match?
MC: (Yes), mostly technical advice about the openings and things related to that, and some psychological advice as well. A very good advisor, obviously. And Peter Heine was very much in touch with him during the match.

Leonxto Garcia covered the 2014 World Championship match for CLO. He writes for the biggest Spanish newspaper, EL Pais. See a recent column by Garcia on Nakamura in Gibraltar. You can follow Garcia on twitter at https://twitter.com/leontxogarcia.

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