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February 4, 2015
The #3 article in Best of CLO 2014 is The Million Dollar Training: GM Chirila on Vegas. Cristian Chirila writes about his training for the inaugural Millionaire Chess Open in Las Vegas, giving readers insight into the importance of mental and physical training.  

Judge f-pawn Aigner said, "This first-hand account of tournament preparation by GM Chirila addresses both at-the-board and away-from-board. Using examples, he thoroughly addresses three phases of the game: opening, middlegame and ending. Chirila, World Champion Carlsen and many others agree that chess skill is not sufficient to win a match or tournament. The article points out the importance of controlling emotions and being physically fit. This advice may not derive from the classical Russian school of chess, but offers a preparation regimen for amateurs and masters alike."


Alex Barnett and Cristian Chirila

Chirila also wrote a follow-up on his result and experience in Vegas.
Chirila is back to back US Class Champion. The second edition of Millionaire Chess https://millionairechess.com/ is set for Las Vegas, October 8-12, 2015.  

You can find out more GM Chirila on his website http://www.cristian-chirila.com/ and follow him on twitter at https://twitter.com/CristianChirila.

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